The Ex Files: Evelyn Lozada Calls Out Chad’s Alleged Girlfriend On Twitter!

Evelyn Lozada says she’s a Maserati and Chad can take his new Corolla elsewhere! Before we get into the juicy stuff, we have to applaud Evelyn for working on her anger issues. Her feisty temper has improved drastically since she … Continue reading

Kobe and Vanessa Bryant: Infidelity and the Aftermath

Kobe and Vanessa Bryant have been married since 2001. This couple has been the source of numerous scandals concerning Kobe’s infamous indiscretions. Vanessa has been the source of scrutiny because of her decisions to forgive her husband and remain in the marriage. Most … Continue reading

Honesty is Always the Best Policy! Truth or Myth?

As children we are encouraged to tell the truth. We are raised to believe that lying is bad and leads to undesirable consequences. The expectation to tell the truth follows us into adulthood, and for the rest of our lives … Continue reading

No Jealousy No Problem! Truth vs. Myth?

Jealousy is known for starting arguments and fights, burning bridges, and ruining self-esteem. Many say that when it comes to relationships, is it best that jealousy be excluded. We think that the less jealous we are in our partnerships, the … Continue reading

[VIDEO]- Arnold Schwarzenegger and Maria Shriver 25-Year Marriage Woes

Last year, Shriver filed for divorce after Schwarzenegger admitted he fathered a child outside of his marriage with the family’s housekeeper. Schwarzenegger says he has no one to blame but himself for ruining their marriage and that “he screwed up.”  … Continue reading

Is Talking Cheating? Truth Or Myth

The fear of infidelity is an actual phobia that can be intensely paralyzing in an intimate relationship. We can do our best to avoid it, but it can be difficult to foresee, because it isn’t as black and white as … Continue reading

Sweetie If You Want Him…Baby You Can Have Him….

 At times it seems as if the world is filled with women complaining about noncommittal men. We are constantly gripping about our cheating men, and when we come face to face with these situations, it seems like most of the … Continue reading