No Jealousy No Problem! Truth vs. Myth?

Jealousy is known for starting arguments and fights, burning bridges, and ruining self-esteem. Many say that when it comes to relationships, is it best that jealousy be excluded. We think that the less jealous we are in our partnerships, the … Continue reading

If You Live With Him Now You’ll Know Whether You Can Marry Him Later! Truth or Myth?

We play “house” as children, and that basic idea of what married life is like stays with us as we grow older. In recent years, the number of couples moving in together prior to engagement and/or marriage has tremendously increased. … Continue reading

Do you know where you are going? Stop Wandering Through Life.

Have you ever felt like you were wandering aimlessly through life?  Ever wondered why your days seem like a replay of the previous one?  Ever feel like you are working hard in your personal and professional life but aren’t getting … Continue reading

Can Your Love Transcend Time?

As we are constantly reminded, “time waits for no one!”. Time keeps moving, and along with it, people are continuously changing. With each of these phenomenon at play, it makes it difficult for the things that we expect to remain … Continue reading

Balancing the Role of Team Leader and Team Player

Women often have to switch gears quickly when going from home to work, then from work to home again. The responsibilties we manage in each setting are very similar; we execute many tasks in short periods of time, organize, resolve … Continue reading

All Work and No Play???

In life, all work and no play makes for a toxic recipe. 57% of working Americans will have unused vacation time at the end of the year (CNNMoney 2012).  Hopefully, you are not part of that boring group of people! … Continue reading

The Power of Positive Thinking

Many people have heard the quote “You become what you think…” by Ralph Waldo Emerson. Well, Its true. Our thoughts are truly the foundation of our life and the key to happiness and success. What we think about directly influences … Continue reading

Get Those Tears Off Your Shoulders

Categories Have you ever been the sounding board for friends, family, neighbors, and co-workers? The person everyone dumps their problems on when in need, while yours fall by the way side? Has this caused you to feel neglected?  Well, it’s … Continue reading

Power Pampering for Superwomen

Sometimes being a woman means ploughing through life and warding off all distractions. We make attempts to portray a “Ford tough” image and we overload ourselves with life’s burdens. We RIGHT all the wrongs….and we do it all while looking … Continue reading

Always Too Much or Not Enough

Break ups leave us feeling like we are unable to be effective contributors and sustainers of relationships. Those of us who achieve in all other areas of our lives, feel like we have climbed mountains but failed to hurdle loves … Continue reading