Single Never Felt So Good!

You look around and see that all of your girlfriends are in relationships, marriages, or have their own families. Meanwhile, you go to an empty home and dinner for one. What do you do? A. Cry in the corner of … Continue reading

Your Friend vs. Your Man; Caught In The Middle!

She helped you through your darkest moments; now he brightens your days. She calls you to talk about any and everything; and he calls just say he loves you. We’re talking about your bestfriend and your man, who are both … Continue reading

There is No Comparison: Every Guy is Not the Same

Ok so you’ve had your share of disaster relationships. You loved your sweetheart but you guys couldn’t make it last. And here you are again; ready to move forward, and take the leap back into the dating scene. But, you … Continue reading

All Work and No Play???

In life, all work and no play makes for a toxic recipe. 57% of working Americans will have unused vacation time at the end of the year (CNNMoney 2012).  Hopefully, you are not part of that boring group of people! … Continue reading