Follow Up:Stacey Dash Tweets Photo With Romney’s Running Mate

Is Stacey Dash stopping at nothing to have her name in the news?! Stacey Dash took to her Twitter account to post a photo of her and Republican Vice Presidential candidate Paul Ryan. The photo is obviously staged and looks very … Continue reading

Colin Powell Publicly Endorses President Obama… AGAIN!

Sandy has completely interrupted our lives and the Presidential election as well.  However, as we clean up and dry out lets not forget about this big mile stone in Presidents Obama’s run for reelection. Former Secretary of State (Republican) Colin … Continue reading

A Deeper Look into the Final Presidential Debate

Monday night’s debate was the last debate for this campaign and most are saying President Obama won while others think Romney won & some say they both won. What does that really mean? “The key to analyzing the debate properly … Continue reading

Vivica A. Fox “Slams” Stacey Dash’s Romney Endorsement

Adding to the backlash Stacey Dash faces in support of Republican presidential candidate, Governor Mitt Romney; fellow actress Vivica A. Fox also disapproves of Dash’s endorsement. In a recent sit-down interview with NBC’s theGrio, Fox was asked about the controversy … Continue reading

[VIDEO]: Presidential Debate Gets Fiery; Obama Shows More Aggression

The Democrats and those rooting for President Obama watched the debate last night hoping that President Obama would take a more aggressive approach with his opponent than he did 2 weeks ago. Oh, did he deliver.  In the town hall … Continue reading

Who Knew The Presidential Nominees’ Attire Played a Part in the Campaign?

Although last night’s debate had nothing to do with the nominee’s attire, each nominee’s campaign still takes their dress into consideration, even something as small as an American flag lapel pin according to “The littlest things can throw a … Continue reading

20/20- The Presidential Debates: Now That the Dust Has Settled.

We delayed our review on Wednesday’s night 1st Presidential debate because we wanted to see what the general reaction would be. Now that all the opinions are in and it seems to be the majority belief that Romney won round … Continue reading

Clint Eastwood on Ellen: “Democrats Think I’m Senile!” [VIDEO]

No matter how you feel about Clint Eastwood, especially after the Republican National Convention this year, no one can deny that he IS a character. If you don’t know Clint Eastwood, just think Trouble with the Curve. Yeah, that’s him and the … Continue reading