.What A Mighty Good Man; Thankful For Him, Flaws and All

He forgets what you tell him; doesn’t clean up after himself; doesn’t call you enough or even worse calls you too much. One minute you hate him – then you love him. We’re talking about your man. We can all … Continue reading

Rihanna & Chris Brown Say It’s “Nobodies Business”

Alas, what the music world has been waiting for! After Rihanna released the tracklist of her upcoming album, “Unapologetic” everyone has been awaiting its November 19th debut. Specifically, on everyone’s minds is reunion track part-2 with her ex-beau, Chris Brown. … Continue reading

Does Distance Make The Heart Grow Fonder? Or Frustrated?

We can all agree that one of the most frustrating situations to manage is a long-distance relationship! It is very depressing to find someone with whom you connect and can fall in love with, only to be forced apart by … Continue reading

Rumor Mill: Shaquille O’neal Allegedly Motions Family and Friend Alliances To Threaten “Ex-Girlfriend”

Retired NBA star Shaquille O’neal is reported to allegedly having his sister, Ayesha Harrison call and threaten his “ex-girlfriend” Vanessa Lopez, by telling her to ‘watch her back’. I know you’re probably in shock right now, so lets back track … Continue reading

Workplace Romance: It Didn’t Work… But You Have To Work!

“It was so easy to fall for the sweet-talking, handsome coworker and not care what other people thought or said about it. But the hardest part was finding out that he was lying to me about seeing another coworker at … Continue reading

NeNe & Greg: Real Housewives of Atlanta Weddings Underway

Someone is getting married on this season of Bravo’s hit reality television show, “The Real Housewives of Atlanta”! Rumors are circulating that it is infamous NeNe and her estranged husband, Gregg. Even though the two are publically separated, they have … Continue reading

Workplace Romance: Stay Composed At All Times!

There are a lot more workplace romances nowadays than ever before! Or maybe people aren’t ashamed of hiding it anymore. But regardless of this, women still haven’t gotten better at handling these workplace affairs. Business mixed with pleasure can get … Continue reading

Lovers or Friends? Pick One!

With age comes wisdom, at least it should. Due to impending wisdom, sometimes we are forced to make changes, including friendships with ex-lovers. It’s a hard pill to swallow when the person we’ve shared our lives with, emotionally as well … Continue reading

Can Your Love Transcend Time?

As we are constantly reminded, “time waits for no one!”. Time keeps moving, and along with it, people are continuously changing. With each of these phenomenon at play, it makes it difficult for the things that we expect to remain … Continue reading