Single Never Felt So Good!

You look around and see that all of your girlfriends are in relationships, marriages, or have their own families. Meanwhile, you go to an empty home and dinner for one. What do you do? A. Cry in the corner of … Continue reading

.If That Didnt Hurt So Bad, This Wouldn’t Feel So Good!

How does that saying go? …You never know what you have until its gone! Well, sometimes you won’t appreciate what you have now, until you remember what you had! There are so many dogs, frogs, and snakes encountered on our … Continue reading

.What A Mighty Good Man; Thankful For Him, Flaws and All

He forgets what you tell him; doesn’t clean up after himself; doesn’t call you enough or even worse calls you too much. One minute you hate him – then you love him. We’re talking about your man. We can all … Continue reading

Sex Sells… But Is That What You’re Selling?

When they say sexy what does it mean to you? Is it the beautiful body? Is it the shapely curve of the butt and the big breasts? What if we don’t have that super beautiful body and bombastic breasts? Can … Continue reading

Truth or Myth: You Never Get Over Your First Love

Love is arguably the most complicated aspect of life, yet it is also arguably the most exciting time of your young life. From our very first crush, to life after marriage, there is one love that most people just can’t … Continue reading

Mommy Needs Love Too: How To Keep Intimacy Alive During Pregnancy

Welcome to pregnancy– a time when many couples find their former sex life has now become a roller coaster ride with neither partner knowing what to expect. Before pregnancy, you felt comfortable being intimate with your partner, but now that … Continue reading

Even Though You Can…Let Him Handle It!

“I.N.D.E.P.E.N.D.E.N.T. do you know what that means?” This is definitely the era in which women have made it clear that being independent is how we define ourselves. We pay our own bills, buy our own clothes and stress the notion … Continue reading

It’s okay for women to make the first move! Truth vs. Myth?

Back in the day the more sought after women were typically more reserved, and they were presented that way in classic movies. Leading women weren’t suppose to appear desperate for love at all. We were supposed to be waiting for … Continue reading

Does Distance Make The Heart Grow Fonder? Or Frustrated?

We can all agree that one of the most frustrating situations to manage is a long-distance relationship! It is very depressing to find someone with whom you connect and can fall in love with, only to be forced apart by … Continue reading