Lauryn Hill Explains Why She Hasn’t Addressed Wyclef Jean Comments

Lauryn Hill takes the high road when it comes to Wyclef Jean! Back in September, Wyclef Jean made headlines when he revealed secrets about Lauryn Hill in his autobiography “Purpose.” In the book, the “Gone Till November” singer claimed that … Continue reading

It’s okay for women to make the first move! Truth vs. Myth?

Back in the day the more sought after women were typically more reserved, and they were presented that way in classic movies. Leading women weren’t suppose to appear desperate for love at all. We were supposed to be waiting for … Continue reading

Honesty is Always the Best Policy! Truth or Myth?

As children we are encouraged to tell the truth. We are raised to believe that lying is bad and leads to undesirable consequences. The expectation to tell the truth follows us into adulthood, and for the rest of our lives … Continue reading


It is no secret that the feud between Georgia’s rap artists Young Jezzy and Gucci Mane has been ongoing since 2005! The beef occurred shortly after the collaboration between the rappers on Gucci Manes hit single “Icy”. Global Grind sources … Continue reading