The Team

Everything Girls Love LLC

Latoya Bond- CEO

Yandy Smith- President/CMO

Jaliylah Amin- Chief Merchandiser

Latisha Elmes- COO

Janique Burke- Public Relations Director

Joey B and Nisha Little- Web Masters

Mark Hayes- Creative Director

Everything Girls Love Magazine-Blog

Chief Web Officer (CWO)- Latoya Bond

Editor at Large- Yandy Smith

Editor In Chief- Janique Burke

Associate Editor- Latisha Elmes

Senior EditorMilan Zoe

Managing Editor– Chey Parker

Beauty Editor– Regina M. Tucker

Beauty Contributors– Laura Eckels, William J. Edmonds, Neeko Gordan, Trenice Jett-Jones Christina Westley,  Michelle Whitaker

Culture &  Literature Editor– Victoria Ford

Culture &  Literature Associate Editor- Jazmine Kilpatrick

Culture &  Literature Contributors– Nikki Hardison, Gwendolyn Lewis, Alex Travis, Alex Wiggins

Entertainment Editor-Kierra Tobiere

Entertainment Contributors -Jennifer “JayBee” Beasley, Brittany Bryant, Bryhana Moore, Tahajah Samuels, Ericka Smith,

Health & Wellness  Editor

Health & Wellness Contributors – Mareissa King

Fashion Editor– Monica K. Romero,

Fashion Contributors– TeArra Boone, Shana Gelisa, Tanysha Rodriguez

Life & Style Editors

Life and Style Contributors– Cashay Chanel, Tekeisha Coy

Love & Sex Editor– Precious Avorkliyah

Love & Sex Contributors– Ness Baker, Treshelle Chambliss, Ramona Charles, Aramis Grant, Kanarian Kindred, Renee King, Lillian Prince,

Money & Hustle

Money & Hustle Contributors– Samantha Irving, Crystal Jordan, Consha “CAP” Price.

Editorial Assistants- Dejaurnelle Cid, Angela Solomon

4 thoughts on “The Team

  1. hey,
    im an aspiring broadcast journalist from the midwest area. St.Louis MO, and i was inquiring about joining this faboulous team of writers. Does anybody know who to contact??

  2. I enjoy blogging and reading other blogs. If you have a moment please stop by and leave your footprint. Tamika Lanelle – I’m Just Talking Relationships – Love, Sex, and Dating Brutal Honesty For Women

  3. Hello,
    I have started a new blog just last month on news update and Fashion specializing to make you smile whiles you snappin, Lol. I would like to know how I can obtain tips or ideas on enhancing and building a bigger audience… I really need an expert assistance and will like to know who I can contact in regard to this. Because I am loving your site! Please visit my blog and provide me with any feedback. Thank you!

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